Brown & Blue leather belt. Made in the UK

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Mark Russell Leather Personalised Belt

Handmade in England in our workshop in Essex

Genuine Italian leather in Brown cowhide

Blue acrylic sealed edge 

Blue stitching

25mm wide strap

Guaranteed not to crack or split

One solid piece of leather 3mm thick 

Cotton presentation bag is included in the price

Make It Personal

Personalise your belt with up to 6 letters

Please include dots in between letters if you require them

The letters we use are all capitals

The letters will be branded onto the tip of the belt


Choosing which belt size to order

Please order the same size belt as your trousers or jeans. For example, if you normally wear 36" trousers or jeans, then choose a size 36" from the drop down list of sizes below. This belt size will actually measure more than 36" to the middle hole, as we allow for the belt going over your clothing. Please do not order the total length of the leather as we do not size our belts by that method.